about concussion

Where this information come from?
Mainly from my experience. I always suffered from physical problems, since my childhood. Around my thirties, I completely collapsed, and for the first 8 years of what has turned out to be 30 years  of full time invalidity, I spent most of my days in bed. The doctors told me there were not much they could do, since I was intolerant to most allopathic medications.

That’s why I started to investigate new healing approaches, new beliefs and worldviews. Many, many new practices through the years.

What’s a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI)?
“A head injury is a broad term that describes a vast array of injuries that occur to the scalp, skull, brain, and underlying tissue and blood vessels in the head. Head injuries are also commonly referred to as brain injury, or traumatic brain injury (TBI), depending on the extent of the head trauma.” Read more…

Theory of the plasticity of the brain
When you have a concussion, generally the protocol in used is to lay in your bed, in the dark, with little noise as possible. The reason behind it that it will help you to heal, by not being expose to as little  stimulation as possible. The second reason was that if you end up hurting your head once again, the second concussion will be the one which will create the most damage.

If the second statement is till true, the first one is facing a new understanding of the plasticity of the brain. Which states that by engaging the brain as soon as possible in an appropriate way, you will be able to recover much more faster by already creating new and strong neurological pathways.

There is  2 wonderful books by Norman Doidge on the subject that have help better understanding and taking care of my brain. The first one is more about understanding the plasticity of the brain; the second one, the more recent one, is about different modalities and stories of healing.
The Brain that Changes Itself
The Brain’s Way of Healing

An approach developed in Montreal
There is one approach working from a plasticity perspective that has been developed in Montreal (APEXK). I have experienced it with major improvements, event though I was treated for a concussion, and more recent complications, 50 years later. I saw the creator of the approach, who is not practicing anymore, but has recommended me this practitioner:

Simon Tremblay and you stipulate that you want to see him for a concussion; he works at 2 clinics
PhysioExtra Villeray : 514 875-3887
PhysioExtra St-Roch-de-l’Achigan: 450 588-2888

Supplement: A basic protocol
suggested by the very competent owner of Ki Nature & Santé, where I have been a client for more than 20 years.

  • Omega (DHA/ADH -acide docosahexaenoique – should be in bigger quantity than AEP – acide eicosapentaenoique
  • Vitamin B12

Supplement: Another one to use in complement
Ginkgo biloba – for greater oxygenation

For those who don’t know, Ginkgo biloba is one of the many adaptogens existing on the planet. In fact, these adaptogenetic plants are some of the oldest plants living, which have force them to learn to adapt to still be here after millions of years. Some fossils of Ginkgo leaves have been discovered that date back more than 200 million years.

Because of that they have developed wonderful proprieties:
an adaptogen is nontoxic; produces a nonspecific response: has a normalizing influence. In short, the beauty of an adaptogen is that it will regulate your physiology in the direction needed. The same plant can boost you, if you energy is too low, or will calm you if you feel to highper. That’s the wisdom encapsulated in a plant that was able to adapt for thousands and thousands years. In the book Adaptogens – Herbs for Strengh, Stamina, and Stress Relief, it is recommended for serious cerebral or circulation deficits; poor memory, hearing loss, tinnitus, head trauma injuries.

Self Testing
I suggest that you test energetically the product before buying it. Between different brands, you may find one that will be more efficient for your own system at the time. You can learn to self test here:
Simple Self Testing
Self Testing For the optimum Dose of your Supplement

No doubt, you will suffer from inflammation after a concussion. A very useful way to think about inflammation, I have learn through the years, is that where there is inflammation, there is heat; where there is heat, there is pain. And for consequence: the increase of the tenderness/weakness of the tissues; a greater susceptibility of another injury/infection; the inability to heal.

There is many ways to address inflammation. My two main ones are:

Drink a glass of water with some chlorophyll at least once a day, for several days. Between 3 to 7 days. If you start getting diarrhea, stop. Or it is because your system has enough, or the dosage is not the good one for you. Dosage will differ for every person, like for any other supplement. My system prefers micro-dosage, but someone else might need a normal or even a mega-dosage.

Derivative baths
This practice comes from the observation that when there is inflammation, or heat, it will  always go from bottom to the top, so to counteract it, you need to bring the heat down and out. So by cooling down the genital parts, not only the heat will come down, but will have two exits to get out. The urine and the stools. Any source of inflammation can be treated this way, fewer, cold, sunburn.

The way I do this is, I will sit on the hedge of a bathtub, and put my feet on the other edge. With my genital parts naked, I will used the shower phone to shower my groin folds from the top down to the perineum and the pubic bone with cold water. Not frozen, very important. If you don’t have a shower phone, use a washcloth. The temperature of the water should be tolerable by your hands. Repeat this between 10 to 30 minutes depending of your body weight, or the level of your inflammation. Generally I know I should stop when I feel as if something is running down along my spine, or I can’t stand the cold anymore. This can be done daily for few days up to three weeks. Here’s a link for more information, but it is only in french.

Adaptive Yoga
I have recently been introduce to this approach at the TRF’s first Social Justice Summit, and I was blown away. I have been practicing mind/body approaches for over 4 decades now, and I never experienced something like this one to address traumatic brain injury and its related psychological trauma. In this case, Mind Body Solutions Founder Matthew Sanford draws upon this experience as a trauma and post-traumatic stress survivor, his 42 years of living with a spinal cord injury, and his 29 years of practicing yoga.

I profoundly related when he said that the spirit of yoga is very inclusive, but not the asanas. If you have no legs, or no hands, how can you do the poses? But you can always get access through what ever body you have, to the core teachings.

There is a 8 parts introduction class offered by the Trauma Research Foundation.
And there is some online classes on the Mind Body Solutions website.

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May you find here what you are looking for to support your healing.

If you want a consultation, you can contact me (in English or in French) and we will see if I can support you in your recovery.