about intuitive healing

the spirit behind my work

My work has at heart to reclaim, regenerate the integrity, the wholeness of our core being and relations. To bring joy and aliveness to those who aspire to live in right relationship with All there is; humans and other-than-humans, visible and invisible beings, sky and earth.

to reconnect with our we self because we have never been just an I. We all came out of many blood lineages, as well as a multitude of others disturbing, inspiring, devastating, supportive imprints. We are contextualized beings from healthy and/or oppressive social/political/spiritual systems, while embodying multiple different lands. So let’s reclaims this community of ours, their gifts and guidance, with whom living and dying become a sacred teamwork. For the benefit of All.

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my work

As an intuitive, I approach this work from a deep listening stance to address what knots/patterns/energies behind your surface are still taking charge of your life without your consent. Traumas that needs to be metabolized; yours, the ones from your ancestors that are not yet well, the ones inflicted through the dire circumstances raging now.  

I use a multitude of tools to support this process in an organic way as we move into the session through soma work. Sometimes, we may focus on a recent digestive or sleeping problem to create the best conditions there is to dive deeper into the work. Some other times, we may enter in conversation with your ancestors, our loved ones who have just passed to better understand what is churning you since… ever! All that so we can bridge the now, the past, the surface, the core. In this process, I am here to see you, to hear you; I am here to witness, hold, root for you. all along.

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reclaiming, experiencing, embodying
what’s ours as humans in relationship with
other visible and invisible beings
as our sacred ground of becoming

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about me

My first, my earliest memories/mentors on this path have been my ancestors from my paternal grandmother lineage who were healers, being of service in direct relationship with water. And the Goddess, the Mother, the Divine feminine, however you choose to call Her/Them.

I have started my more formal trainings more than 35 years ago with hands on healing, then Reiki, while engaging for myself in anti-gymnastique, and other somatic modalities that were known as body-mind practices back then. That was followed by exploring certain types of repatterning approaches like Brain Gym, as I was updating my personal practices with meditation, EED (Eden Energy Medicine), restorative yoga.

Through out all those years, my urges brought me to relentlessly followed the trauma research/work, of Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Maté, Resmaa Maneken [1]. As well as investigate and study extensively the worldview/practices of Indigenous and non-indigenous healers, of practitioners of different spiritual lineages.

In the more recent years, as a French European settler, I have engaged in an ongoing process of decolonization, been initiated by Indigenous elders, and later on, invited to introduce college and university students in social work to the reality/necessity of unsettling.

More recently, I am engaged in a certification in EFT Tapping (end of 2022).

All this, as well as being a disabled, non-binary grandmother, will contribute to the work we will do together.

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my long term vision

I believe, because I have experimented in my own life, how our own healing and resilience as humans have, are and will always be intrinsically linked to the healing and flourishing of All there is. And this will happen as we create, nourish, and care for our multiple communities, of humans and non-human persons [2], of ancestors [3] remembering our brokenness [4] because these are the spaces where the possible we are breathing in and out.

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session and price

This work is about transforming, repatterning what’s needed; more so regarding trauma, and /or any long term, chronic dysfunction.

If this is the reason why you want to take a session, I invite you to begin with having in mind at least 3 sessions. To respect the pace of your body, your psyche, your ancestors.

Know that this is not a requirement, it is something I have observe through my years of practice.

If you want to know if I am the right person to work with, contact me and I will take between 15 to 30 minutes so we can assess the situation. I can work in French as well as in English.

To the pleasure of sharing this work with you!!!

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[1] with whom I have trained
[2] Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass
[3] Daniel Foor, Ancestral Medicine
[4] Bayo Akomolafe, I, Coronavirus. Mother. Monster. Activist

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