dear June 2022

I would like you to know
how grateful
I am for your heart warming days
after this abrasive winter
for me & all of us
humans & other-than-humans included 

for you & the presence
of my ancestors
the women
on both sides of my lineages
up to the old old
wise & caring ones

as well as the other old ones
water, boulders
those from the Laurentians
the precambrian land

where my grand-little-ones live
enjoying saying good morning to sun
breastfeeding rocks
caressing mosses

I feel so blessed to have you around
because without all of you
the crushing reality
of being disabled
of the ongoing aggressions
on children, women, LBGTQ+
on Indigenous, Black & POC people 
on Earth
would be just unbearable
so know how grateful
I am that all of you are breathing
my/our life

©mari.e cornellier