Free Grassy – a settler opposition to mining and mineral exploration

As a descendant of white European settlers, I am learning about & fully engaging in reparation, restoration & reconciliation for all the damages caused by the French & British colonial states, since their first contacts, toward the First Nations, Metis & Inuit people on Turtle Island/Canada.

Your government has made many promises regarding those injustices & crimes in the last electoral campaign, & since, but I/we are still waiting to see the hard calls that need to be made.

Too many times lately, you have just done the opposite of what is required so we can live with gratitude, as well as in caring & respectful ways towards those who have taken care of this precious & amazingly beautiful land for millennia. & are still actively doing so.

You have to take the proper action NOW :

– deny Trillium Gold’s application for a permit to begin drilling on Grassy Narrows Territory
– withdrawing the Grassy Narrows Territory from all mining activity

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