I am relentlessly taking care of myself
joyful and confident in my healing

relentlessly breathing
relentlessly feeling

relentlessly breathing
relentlessly feeling

and today
feeling sad, angry
to see one of you killed
out of pure hatred
to see those who look like me
never being made accountable
for their ongoing crimes

inspired to see
those who looks like me
stand up between those
who look like you and
those in charge of protecting
all of us
all of us except those
who look like you
who are native to this land
who are targeted for their difference

I am relentlessly taking care of myself

relentlessly breathing
relentlessly feeling

in your name
in the name of all those
who were/are viciously killed
brutalized, abused, robbed

relentlessly breathing
relentlessly feeling

until my healing also means yours

and to make sure of that
I will tell your story
and the story of those like you
to my granddaughters

I will teach them how to call upon
our wise, healed and caring ancestors
those who have seen, experienced so much
that they are now embodying light
in the invisible realm

to ask for their guidance on

how they can make
a difference through time
while standing by the fire
with those who look like you
and their own ancestors

and relentlessly pray
and relentlessly show up
until their healing becomes yours


in memory of George Floyd