in the times of Covid19 – a good time to get to know Sky

dear Joy
I have been confined
for 71 days now
71 days within my home
and within myself

and let me tell you
that there are days
when it is more than ok
to have your head in the clouds

to take the time
to get to know Sky

did you know that
since this confinement

there were 2 Supermoons
3 in total in 2020
bridging our internal waters
to our daily consciousness

there was the 4th of the 4th of 2020
a day with 3 times 4
a good omen day
when people around the planet
while keeping physical distancing
meditated and prayed together
in the spirit of choosing
Love over Fear

the day after
Pluto and Jupiter
were in conjunction
one out of 3 times before
the end of the year
bridging the tiny
and the huge

inviting us to overturn
the big
the obvious
the into your face
onto its head

inviting us to give consideration
to the small/invisible …


there was on May 21st
a universal meditation
as the many are coming out
of confinement

a day called #MayDay
as in the internal convention
used as a signal of distress
to bridge our awareness
with the quality of future
we want to see emerge

and the same day, there was
Ascension Thursday
a Catholic celebration
I used to be part of
when I was young
walking in the streets
of my neighbourhood
holding a bouquet of lilacs

always in the month of May
also called le mois de Marie
to call upon the protection
of the Mother of all mothers

such alignments/bridging
are wonders/miracles/mysteries
and because of Covid19
millions of us were in to witness them

in awe with so many synchronicities

with the power of the tiny
inviting us to look at the big picture
the necessity to co-create change
by listening and acting
among others
on Sky guidance

and grateful for so many opportunities


The series “in the times of Covid19” has been created with my granddaughters in mind (7, 4 & 1 years old); if the texts are for their future selves, the images are for them now, as an ever evolving transmission.