in the times of Covid – I love you

dear Joy
I have been confined
for 50 days now and
as I stand still
this came into my mind

do you remember
all those moments
we went to see Nature
to let her know
how we felt

when we hugged Trees
bowing our foreheads
until we touched their trunks

when we stretched our arms
way up over our heads
to greet Sun & Moon

when we sat beside Lake
in awe with her twinkle
while she played with Light

when we did hands on healing
on our loved ones out of
concern and curiosity

when we let them know
in the words of Water
how much we care

I thank you Water
I love you Water
I respect you Water

I would like you
to never ever forget
that those words
are one key, among others
to their flow, their gifts
their spirit

to the power of reciprocity
in any relationship

& never ever doubt
that if you keep engaging
wholeheartedly with them
they will love you back

they will love you back

they will love you back

The series “in the times of Covid” has been created with my granddaughters in mind (7, 4 & 1 years old); if the texts are for their future selves, the images are for them now, as an ever evolving transmission.