in the times of Covid19 – a tiny house for the big you

dear Joy
I have been confined
for 37 days now
and let me tell you that
what I am realizing

your house will never be
big enough for your whole being
unless your home
includes the whole web
of our shared realities

humans, ancestors, other-than-humans
since nature is not an it, but multiple kin
the small microorganisms included
& what else?

many other else
when you are not perceiving life
from only a human centric worldview

& to active this impossible to reduce
soulful space to be and become
go honour all those with whom
you have co-created this home

go sit, go stand
at their sides
and/or with them at heart
chant, dance, hug them
silently, softly
fiercely, joyfully

go listen to them
get in touch with
how they are there for you
how their gifts, their medicine
can/are contributing to
the grace and dignity of your life
the lives of your loved ones
them included

go pray & let them know
how grateful you are
& how, for their many
many, many blessings
you will care &
take care of them in return


The series “in the times of Covid19” has been created with my granddaughters in mind (7, 4 & 1 years old); if the texts are for their future selves, the images are for them now, as an ever evolving transmission.