what am I listening to

what am I listening to
as we slow dance together
in those times
when we are called
to innervestigate
how we could have
lost track of so many relationships
with humans and other-than-humans
with those who were/are
their caring keepers/protectors
with our essence
to create this dreadful moment

what am I listening to
as we are morning the beauties
that some have/are destroying
for the privilege of the few
very few fools
who still believe
that they can own the living

what am I listening to
while the silence
of our shared quarantine
makes it possible to hear
the birds early in the morning
the beat of my heart late in the evening

makes it possible for me
to reconnect with
the vibrant that is talking to me
to all of us. to all there is

∞ ∞ ∞

Nature Peinture de Christelle Franca

Kaï Mattheus playing live