because it’s thanksgiving

I would like to say thanks for the Champs des possibles, a land growing wilder by the years, holding space for children schooling, nature protectors, bees caretakers, ritual practitioners and my own becoming. For the last 20 years. For its beauty, without hiding any harsh truth, as I am reminded by a #MMIW red tag on an electric pole, while I am walking on its back, enjoying the sun, the wind, and the grasshoppers.

I would like to say thanks for Joy, 6, my granddaughter, for seeing me as she does. For coming up to me asking, the day I was part of my son’s IKEA kitchen assembling team : grandma, how come you’ re doing construction? Because grandma is a man, and a woman. That can’t be possible. Watch me! And for the rest of the day stubbornly keeping asking, as I was being busy with a task or another : and now, are you a man or a woman?

I am one of those who believes that to take care, you have to love, and to love, you have to experience.

I am so grateful for having them in my life, because they have cracked my heart open. Really crack it open. And now, as never before, I find joy in taking care. Of them, Of me. Of Earth and All there is.