as in a choir

as in a choir where improvisation is not only an exercise for the voice, but a space where one inserts her distinctive song

where one can fully experience being a whole as well as being a part of the Living

it has become obvious to me that too often there are too many voices missing for you, me, us to experience the full magni-beauti-tude of All there is


the marginalized – I prefer the targeted, since being in the margin was not their choice

the Indigenous, Métis & Inuit people – and more so their women, girls & two-spirits

the disabled – which is my cup of tea

Nature – meaning all the nonhuman, the more-than-human & the other-than-human persons


obvious that this narrow spectrum which has been shoved down our throats is obstructing the channels that are allowing us to fully care & gracefully live with one another

obvious that, through the magic of deep listening – which humming, chanting, singing in an ensemble requires – we now have the means to reshape, create the missing, distorted &/or destroyed connections that we are so viscerally need to keep going on