March 8, what to envision

As a mother, a grandmother

each day as I am witnessing the devastation inflicted by what some call climate changes

but which I prefer to look at the side effects of a worldview, actions and politic, which has severed its relationships with all other-than-human

turning them into resources, a mechanistic take on the Living & its infinite diversity,

I feel the urge of becoming a dreamer & envision the multidimensional layers of the possibles…

those emerging

while/after decolonizing, deconstructing the patriarchal, colonial, capitalist/neoliberal perspectives/institutions responsible for this global destruction, genocide of kin

those emerging

from the thousands year old relationship of the First Nations worldwide with the Earth, the Sky & beyond, a relationship anchor in reciprocity, respect & gratitude for what sustains, nourishes & teaches

those emerging

as creation embraces an ethic grounded in Love, so spaciously that I/We can only cherish, preserve, protect, take care & cultivate the beautiful & the ugly, the soulful & the manifest, the unbearable & the heartwarming

all this & more over my/our living bodies as a celebration of the Whole