what we need is a care economy

there are days when my whole being is just this aching heart
from within and from without
everything hurts, makes no sense
the suicide of my father, my brother, my sister-in-law
the abuse and violence I faced as a child
the found and lost sister of this Cree woman I have met
who took her life after struggling for years
with unresolved traumatic events of their common childhood
because, and only because, they were Indigenous

no other reason
no sense

abuse and violence against people, against the land cannot be justified
by any type of economy, of political agenda, beliefs or worldview

it is time to shift the conversation from private to common interests
alongside informed perspectives on our different contexts
because there is no doubt polluted mind with greed and power
are spoiling our biodiversity, braking down every healthy particle up to
our hopes, and imaginations
feeding us with their addiction to drama, to fatal outcomes

it is time, about time, for a care economy
an economy of relationship, of reciprocity, of taking care of the Living
in all its manifestations

no more excuse

no more delay
we are running out of time