a dangerous obliviousness

this morning, my shallow breath, my dark mood
tell me, once again, how painful is obliviousness

a harsh reminder of how much WE are all related
when I am not

how much if WE spend too much time between the moment WE take care of the unbearable
or the accident, and the time they happened
the gap formed by this in-between forced upon me, upon all those harmed, or hurt
induces an exhausting healing path
or too many times now a day, an unjustified unending painful journey

because as part of the Whole, of the human and non-human family
even if WE are aware of it, or not
WE are the response needed to those harmed, or hurt, me included
so that they/I don’t fall apart, fall into the crack
disappear into a dangerous obliviousness

because the indifference, the denial, the shame
or the many excuses WE can come up with
that’s not my responsibility, it’s theirs/yours
that they/I have been too often coldly served
will inevitably tare down what’s meaningful in one’s life

if they/I are not being part of the WE, why would they/I want to get out of bed every morning?

if I as a disabled/sick person, and they as Indigenous, people of color, trans and/or women
are being downgraded to invisibility
where it is believed that no joy can exist, no teachings can be learned
a space where you are not around
how would it make sense for them, for me to love? to be grateful?

to give back?

as WE are facing overwhelming, gruesome wars against people
against the earth for its resources, for being different
can WE really dismiss those who have learned from first hand experience
from the core of their body, heart, mind and soul?

that love, this pulsing all embracing energy
can safely hold all of us, and care, and take care of all of us?

all of us!


∞ ∞ ∞

what I am listening in the moment… Ulysses’ Gaze – 9. Ulysses’ Theme – Litany