what a mind blowing revelation!

sitting on the floor of the balcony as I face the sea
behind the few houses scattered here and there on a land with very little trees
somewhere between le Cap-à-Adrien and la Butte-ronde, which are framing my horizon
I feel the wind all over me

here there is no way I can escape its touch

but I don’t mind, on the contrary
the warm brilliance of the sun mixed with its cool pressure are a delicacy
nothing compared to the black dusty, heavy, way warmer than usual air of Montreal
with its airborne compound and other toxic smells
because of which I had to wear a medical mask
for 4 years a few years back
every time I stepped out of my apartment

this morning, in its company, my urge is to pray, meditate
say thanks for the blessing of having been invited
by my friend to take care of myself in his home
on this island where my brother chose
a year ago or just not yet
to jump from a cliff into the sea, to disappear among the fishes
leaving his soul God/Buddha/The-Universe knows where

as I close my eyes and enter my breath
thoughts, emotions, sensations arise from everywhere

in the narrow space of my 2 1/2, I would have felt as if I was this very agitated, disturb person
but here, in the living presence of Nature
my own inner movement is relatively unnoticeable
but still, a part of and in sync with the Whole