lullaby for darker times

©Marie Cornellier

to soothe my mind when he is upset
my body when she feels assaulted
both when they see the worst being acclaimed and rewarded in the world
I rock them with a collection of shhhhhh
soft, calm, hopeful shhhhhh
the same way I would rock my granddaughter after a fall, or a nightmare

I create a loving spaciousness for to the flow of words behind the pain
the distress to erupt. to be heard. to feel welcome.

I let meaning emerged from the respectful attention I am giving myself
I rewire my dysfunctions by making dignity and grace my default patterns

everything needed to disengage the triggers that can hijack my whole being
the same triggers that used to crush my desire to be part of our shared humanity
but not anymore
now that I have made gratitude and joy my daily practice