the right alignment to stop the nonsense and start the healing

The beauty of Life. Yesterday, as I was spending time with my youngest granddaughter, who is 2 – without knowing it, how could she – she feed me with a cake she had prepared and sang ♬ Bonne fête grand-maman ( happy birthday grandma) ♬

∞ ∞ ∞

as a pig, today, I am taking my yearly holy mud bath into my shity disabled journey


but because the pig, in the Chinese calendar, is in fact a boar, and the boar is, with its nose in the mud, the one able to find those precious truffles

I am celebrating, in this year 2018, the joy of now facing the harsh truth about marginalization, from one or many spaces – gender, sex, race, class, ability, religion – mine and the one of the many

celebrating because in my own healing experience to bring about solutions you have to, first, know what is going on

since to address the sprain one’s thumb, after playing joyfully with one’s granddaughters, or fibromyalgia with in the background violence and sexual abuse, is not the same

so now that the perpetrators – sexism, racism, colonialism, capitalism, ableism, patriarchy – are being exposed for what they are – systemic oppressors

that we have, every day, a clearer view of the many cross-inflicted traumas, damages, genocides, violations

I/we are in the right alignment to stop these unbearable nonsenses and start the many most needed healings

full of hope and perseverance

full of grace, love and restored dignity for/toward us the livings, our planet include