Unsettling the Settler Within – part 7

Every Sunday, for the duration of the traveling community art exhibition Reconciliation: What does it mean to you? – from August 13 to December 2, 2017 – to honour the complexity of the task, I will publish a post about my process of decolonization.


may the Earth and the Sky hold my heart

September 23, 2017 12:00 pm – It has been 36 hours that we are without news of my brother; a brother who is suffering from mental illness



each time I am facing
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
about colonialism
I am aching, painfully aching

as I feel dismantled by the lies
the denial, the fake news
the pollution, the genocide
the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

as my heart loses her breath
and my feet their sturdy ground

please Earth hold me for a moment
at least until I find a where
a how, a with whom
to process all this shit

let me become part of the resilience
of the birches, the firs, the maples
so I can see through the dark ready to pour clouds
some patches of  bright healing blue wavelengths

and as I walk beside the dead
the violent dead of the too many
those close to me
and those close to the land

as I reclaim my true place among the living
a decolonized one from a patriarchal capitalist system
a system, we can observe, has no desire to care
and take care

please Sky lift me for a moment
at least until I recover the stamina
to grieve and love
be angry and love

resist and love
create and love
until I become nothing less
than fierce love



Typo or mistake, let me know, I will be very grateful

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