facing the unbearable, how can we keep our hearts soft and open?

The words are bold,
the emotions strong.
But facing the unbearable,
how can we keep our hearts soft and open?

An unbearable, that is,
wearing out our bodies,
exhausting our emotions,
fragilising our souls.

Threatening those we love
and those we don’t know.

Tearing apart the fabric of our humanity,
our compassion, our curiosity of the others,
especially those we don’t know,
those who are different,
because of their sex, gender, race, class, disability.

Promoting rudeness, humiliation, abuse, violence,
hatred, lies, destruction, even annihilation.

And having the arrogance to tell us that
who we fundamentally are,
twhat we really need to move forward.

In front of our children, our grandchildren,
letting them believe,
even worse,
making them believe that
the core of our being is
ignorant, narcissist, greedy, blindly destructive.

So how can I keep my heart soft and open
so that I don’t fall into the trap –
of being hypnotized, paralyzed,
or just too focus on what can go wrong –
laid out in front of me?

By acknowledging that
if Live is beautiful,
She is also messy.
Because without her messiness,
her murkiness,
there would be no space to co-create,
play and discover,
to turn everything upside down
and find out what reality looks like
from a totally different perspective.

By finding the time, allowing the space –
the when and where it will be listened to,
heard, acknowledge, even welcome –
to tell, dance, chant or shout
our disenchantment, sadness, fears,
our I am fed up, I can’t take it anymore,
it’s not fair, I’m just too overwhelmed,
it’s fucking crazy.

©Marie Cornellier
©Marie Cornellier

By Joining the Resistance
of the girls next door, or far, far away,
against sex discrimination and violence,
for women empowerment;
of all the men who are consciously
disengaging from patriarchy,
domination, abuse and greed;
of the Aboriginals who are rising up
for their rights,
and raising fundamental questions
about the future of our planet;
of all of us who are also joining the movement,
by bringing awareness,
calling for discernment,
and taking slow, mindful,
respectful, considerate actions
about peace,
Black Lives Matter,

By not trying to turn everything
into a perfect image,
a perfection that, in reality,
chokes our movements,
generates a static view of the world,
in which we cannot become
true LOVERS.

A path by which we will process
what, whom
is in our life at the moment;
embracing it, them;
taking care of us;
nurturing All There Is
minerals, plants, animals,
the planet, the whole Kosmos;
investigating the grand picture;
forgiving, but not forgetting the past;
learning, adapting, evolving;
celebrating that being human is about
growing up, rising up,
cleaning up and showing up;
being grateful.

Truly grateful …

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