Arvo Pärt – Frates

© Arvo Pärt / Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, Tamás Benedek ‎– Fratres • Festina Lente • Summa • Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten

As I am editing Kim Phuc’s Story, a 7 year old text, – just a few things here and there, mostly English since it has improved after 7 years of practice – I am listening to the CD Frates from Arvo Pärt, the 1997 version of the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra.

The poignant and evolving drama, the multiple and various movements conveyed are just what I need to keep me centered, grounded, able to stay present to all the powerful emotions arising while I am reading and editing this text, now called The power of healing to transform our collective destiny.

The truth is Arvo Pärt’s music has been an old companion of mine when processing my interior. He evokes light and shadow in such a way that I am compelled to move from one to another, letting them talk their truth and exploring their specific energy, inviting them into my healing process for lasting transformation.

Frates from Arvo Pärt on youtube

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