it’s time…

You will find here a multilayered reflection in favor of biodiversity, the biodiversity of nature, as well as human. A biodiversity that I have learned to better understand, appreciate & be grateful of, whether it is instilled by Life, the Kosmos, or All There Is (whatever you call it).

I have come to cherish it in a way that I would have never tough, since, like most of us, I was brought up in a separated state of mind, where everything was taught in terms of this OR that. This being better than that; this being the one and only true version… ad nauseam.

A reflection on how to take care, to cultivate, to practice, to be more inclusive of this AND that : productivity AND caring; masculinity AND femininity; light AND shadow; old AND new.

We cannot keep doing what we are doing now and not seeing that we are heading straight into the wall. The self-deception isn’t working anymore, we just have to observe our bodies which are sicker and sicker, our planet poorer and poorer, our souls more and more devastated

We have to evolve, which means that we have to integrate what was accomplished AND transcend it. We don’t have to despise what was done, but learn from it and be inspired to shift, leap, into creating a new paradigm in favor of the living, the vibrant. Leaving the world of scarcity, separation, distrust to enter the world of plenty. The world of collaboration, sharing and service.

So why don’t we all start to grow up, wake up and show up. Beginning by exposing oneself to the other in front, around, behind us. By listening to what she, he, it, has to tell us about their story. By hearing her, his, its values, ways of living, traditions, perceptions, wounds, apprehensions, needs. By being moved, instead of judging, by their reality, since the voice of there I is the same as ours : a being in perpetual movement to become. And vice versa.

I believe the time has come to stop arguing, denying, postponing endlessly. It is the time to become consistent with our beliefs, desires and needs. To engage. To commit. It is the time to TAKE CARE of ourselves AND the others, to make sure that our point of personal gravity is in CARING, as in honouring, cherishing, being compassionate, respectful. It is the time to think and act with loving-kindness. And take all the measures possible to ensure that what we are dreaming of, and since the beginning of time – security, peace, abundance, happiness, freedom (and you can add to this list what is important to your core being) – become a reality for each and every one of us. All together.